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Tom Comunicação is not JUST an Advertising Agency. Working within the whole communication mix is already one of our qualities and even inventing new tool, when necessary is the mantra that boosts Tom since day one. The type of communication we provide is capable of transforming our clients' reality. It's not only because we invest all our education, expertise and talent to understand your needs, but because we also suffer with you, so, we work to end them and celebrate your love with you. Thus, we work hard so every considers us as part of their business and not simply vendors or partners. That's the only way we can create long and prosper relationships. Healthy ones, since they are guided by good techniques, common sense and good intentions to generate and execute the most amazing solutions. Happy, because they are based on the satisfaction of achieving a good result in a group, where the client's happiness is ours and vice versa. Profitable, snice they are guided by the care with good financial practices. And last, but not least, passionate, because they are guided by the infinite disposition to wake up every day to create a better strategy than yesterday. Welcome to Tom Comunicação.


Integration transformed into insight. Insight transformed into ideas. Ideas transformed into results for our clients. Click on the links below to learn about some of the works of Tom Comunicação.


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Belo Horizonte

Rua Andaluzita, 131, 8º andar.
CEP: 30310-030

T +55 31 3263 8700
E contato@tomcomunicacao.com.br